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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Food and Memories at George's Paragon, Brisbane

photo of Atlantic Salmon and Seasonal Vegetables

Taking in views of the Brisbane River with its water glistening in the sun, I enjoyed my lunch at George's Paragon with a dear friend of mine who had driven up from the Gold Coast for a visit. We didn't make it on time for the half-price lunch but had fun catching up on each other's lives, both past and present. I found it amazing how we just slotted back into our friendship, reminding me of the old days, when we'd keep talking in the dark during our sleepovers until one of us fell asleep. It was so refreshing to hear someone talk without any barriers and I found such comfort in finally being heard and understood, especially in a strange new city. We even ordered the same dish on the menu! I've eaten here before and we both agree that it's a great place to go to for some good quality food. Sometimes the service may take a little longer but, for me, the waitstaff are so pleasant it makes up for it.  

lovers embracing

:) You used to tell me so many things from the moment we met - that's how my affection developed for you. I found you endearing. Your openness and honesty earnt my trust. And in between your words, I found you insightful and intelligent enough to make a real connection.

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