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Friday, 29 March 2013

Finally finding refuge in Brisbane City

photo of internal column of residential building

After spending way too many dollars living in hotel rooms at Frisco and The Ridge on Leichhardt, feeling like I was bobbing around in the ocean, I concentrated my energies and time on finding a more permanent solution. I came across a cosy and funky little place where I felt an instant connection. It's also an architectural talking point as there are three internal windows but none to the outside. I applied to the Real Estate Agency that afternoon and was relieved and happy to be accepted to settle into this beautiful apartment.
Here's some information I would've appreciated knowing before I started:

  1. There aren't many furnished apartments that are available for rent in Brisbane City. Most are in Spring Hill or surrounding areas like Milton and Fortitude Valley.
  2. Always make phone calls to the agency advertising the rental property - they do not check/respond to their emails triggered by property websites.
  3. Real Estate Agents only advertise/organise the inspection dates and times once they have gained enough interest via contact on the phone.
  4. Furnished apartments are all shown during weekdays. Expect to take time off work. If you're asked to nominate an inspection time, set a time around your work hours and be firm as the agents may try to push you around to suit their own needs. I had an experience where they made it so difficult for me to change the time even though I just called five minutes earlier.
  5. Tenants only need to give 14 days of notice before they vacate the premises in QLD! So don't bother inspecting/applying for apartments that aren't available until a later date than that. It will cost you much more having to stay in a hotel room for a prolonged period than searching for another place.
  6. Forget looking at the Domain website - Brisbane tends to prefer the Real Estate website. It is updated with properties more often.
  7. A passport will come in handy when submitting tenancy applications - it will save you on trying to find enough points from other forms of ID.
  8. When you have agreed on lease agreement dates/pickup of keys, read the documentation carefully and prepare for agents who forget and fudge up the documents. I didn't think fast enough in response to the agent making up a lie on the spot so she wouldn't have to fix the paperwork. I had all the supporting emails - I just couldn't be bothered arguing and allowed her to charge me the extra day despite earlier agreements.
  9. Be extra diligent when filling in the Condition Report - test stoves, turn on taps, flush the toilet. Something will usually show up - maybe one of the stoves don't work, or water may leak from the ceilings or all over the floors after a shower. Maybe the toilet buttons get stuck. If anything comes up, at least you can start the process of repairs straight away - keep all emails and send photos!

I wanted to share my happiness with you and you finally initiated contact! You texted, you called, you tried to tell me so much at once. Slow down sweetheart - I'm here. But when we met, you brought along your safety blanket and I saw you controlling your body's natural instincts to fall into place with mine...

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