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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Travelling with Translink, Brisbane City

photo of Brisbane Translink Train

Surprisingly, Brisbane has got their transport ticketing systems in place, similar to dynamic cities such as Hong Kong who launched theirs back in 1997! It’s further ahead than Sydney, who are still in the process of rolling out the Opal Card, having launched a trial for use on Sydney Ferries in December 2012. The Go Card, introduced in 2008, works in a similar way to the Octopus Card, where you can top up the credit available for use on public transport. As someone dear to my heart showed me, you have to touch your card at the entrance and then remember to touch your card again when you leave otherwise you will get charged a lot more money for your trip, like 10 or $20. I found out on my own though, that there is a number you can call to have the funds redeposited back into your card if you forget, which I did on my first day on the train to work… *chuckle* I stood there waiting for the train doors to open. It was peak hour. Central Station. It took me a few moments to realise that I had to push on the button or turn the handle to open them!

One time, I stayed back in the office and found out the hard way that there was a half hour wait between train services! And guys, this was in peak hour! Sydney siders, never complain about a seven minute wait from CityRail again! I looked around Newmarket Station and understood that increasing the frequency of services would probably only benefit the three or four random people on the station waiting with me. There simply isn't enough of a population to sustain better services. Whilst I was lost in my thoughts, I noticed that a pleasant looking guy had suddenly bent over near my legs. Before I gathered myself enough to react, he had smoothed the fabric of my shoe and let out an interested "Mmm!" ...Okayyy… :/

lovers embracing

"Love is Patient, Love is Kind...It is not Proud. It always Protects. It always Trusts, always Hopes, always Perseveres. Love never fails." 

With this in mind, I grow stronger and happier to feel the love that I do for you Xo.

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