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Friday, 14 June 2013

Opening my eyes at the World Press Photos, Brisbane

powerful photo of the bodies of two children being carried by their family to their burial

The 56th Annual Exhibition for World Press Photos came into Brisbane for a few weeks in June, and as I have never been before, I decided to check it out for myself. It's not normally my type of thing as I love absorbing the beauty in everything but I was ready to open myself up to different perspectives.

Photojournalists record world events with their cameras, and as I viewed each piece that was presented, I wondered what danger they might be in whilst they snapped away. Pictures of tragedies in war-torn countries such as Iran and Iraq, people hiding from snipers on rooftops, women prostituting in the country-side in Italy, what has our human race come to?

I looked around to observe the reactions of the other viewers and noticed a woman who had brought her son into the exhibition. I believe he would be about 8 or 10 at most. He looked appalled and held his mother tight, burying his face in her clothing while she explained the context of the photos. The images were so sad, yet frightening and so powerful.

I sat down and watched a video of one of the journalists explaining that he was firstly there as a human being, ready to help whoever needed his help, and only secondly, was he there as a photographer. His eyes expressed such empathy, and I wondered what he been through. As I left for the fresh air and sunshine that I gratefully knew was awaiting for me outdoors, I heard a couple of women talking about the new generations that are being brought up these days - how they were so used to luxury that they wouldn't be able to handle these events in their world...

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