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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Birthday Dinner at Beccofino Newstead, Brisbane

photo of beautiful hand-made pasta dish

Encouraged by my recent exploration of the Newstead area, I hopped on Google search and found Beccofino as a restaurant I’d like to try. With a wide enough range of items and reasonable prices on the menu to suit everyone, I made the final decision based on the tantilising image of what might be handmade pasta from the website. Upon visiting on a Tuesday night (30th April), it became clear why bookings aren't accepted – it’s very popular and at its current size, reservations would hinder the efficiency and numbers at which customers are served. On the first taste of my Duck and Tomato Ragu with flat ribbons of pasta, I was in heaven! The texture of the pasta and the flavour of the sauce left my mouth wanting more and friends on the table were also impressed. Not normally a fan of desserts (I’m a savoury girl!), I was delighted to discover that the vanilla bean pannacotta wasn’t too sweet for my palate as it was garnished with fresh passionfruit and the lemon shortbread biscuit crumbs was for the contrast to the incredible smoothness of the pannacotta that slid down my throat! This Italian restaurant is a definite win and one I shall be recommending to ...even the Italians!

Have I just been a romantic fool? If so, I shall be one. After all, I'd rather take chances and believe in the miracles and magic of love than be the one who denies it by overthinking or protecting themselves too much. That's how we fell in love at first, remember? We believed.


  1. you should be a restaurant critique.....have you ever thought of it????


  2. Thank you for your kind words. Amusingly, I actually have a handful of friends who see me as some sort of food guru!

    (My father taught me how to develop my taste of food. I have a sensitive Asian palate, having grown up on cuisine which focuses on the freshness of ingredients, balance of textures and delicate flavours. I experiment often and enjoy food as a passion.)


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