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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Whetting my appetite at the HomeMaker City, Fortitude Valley

photo of Furniture within the Home Warehouse

Looking for activities to fill my day, I came across the weekend notes article on The Home Warehouse having a sale. As I am passionate when it comes to property and interiors spaces, I figured I would pop in to have a sticky-beak at the style and prices, and easily hop across the road to the HomeMaker City I could see on the map. 

I loved the furniture at the Home Warehouse as the pieces reflect the rawness of nature and that is what I want for my future place - to feel grounded and connected to the earth we have been put on. Even though they have a comprehensive website, it's a whole lot more fun to go to the store to grab see ideas, touch and feel the pieces, sit/lie in them so you experience the sum of what it is. 

Afterwards, I found the Far Pavilions store really exciting! It has a totally different style - more fabrics and patterns in bold prints. There were even some quirky pieces like a velvety patchwork armchair that reminded me of the Mad Hatter and I caught myself considering whether I would add it to my collection! I took lots of pictures and sent them to my friends back home. After a few rounds of HomeMaker City, and getting inspired by paintings and other furnishings, I ended up coming back to buy two lovely Newsprint cushions! They were a creamy suede with black print and red toned feature graphics. I wanted to also buy this contemporary black and white piano painting with a whole lot of red roses strewn across it but was unsure of how I would bring it back to Sydney and whether I should attempt to lug it back on foot all the way to my apartment. 

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