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Friday, 10 May 2013

Free Concert with Jessica Mauboy at Roma Street Parklands

photo of Jessica Mauboy on stage at the Roma Street Parklands

Excited at the thought of attending a fun outdoors concert with music I might like, I walked up the steep road to the Roma Street Parklands. On the way there, I saw a stunning heritage windmill set amongst lush gardens and a few signs which indicated there might be a lot more to see. I vowed to come back at a later stage to have a proper look around. Guided by Google maps, I followed a couple of people who entered the gates at the same time and I was  delighted when I laid eyes on the Amphitheatre. It consisted of semi-circular rows of seating with grass underfoot, surrounding a small stage - I sat there thinking how lucky I was to be in Brisbane, to be able to experience these unique events and be so close to Internationally-known stars.

As part of the Bands in Parks initiative organised by Brisbane City Council where music from bands and solo artists are played in local parks, the Brisbane Excelsior Band started playing. They were advertised as a brass band but defied my expectations of the music. They were actually very enjoyable and featured a strong female lead, raising cheers from the crowd.

Next up, was Supporting Act Georgia Corrowa. She explained that she was part Aboriginal, part South Sea Islander, and had her family there, along with her new baby. She played her guitar and sung, whilst her brother did some beatboxing and participated in backup vocals along with one other man. I like her style of music - it's very soulful and I was pleased to hear she would be releasing her own CD soon. I love supporting local artists!

Whilst Jessica Mauboy's crew set up the stage, the audience were asked to quieten down for a wedding in the Parklands. Sprinkles of rain fell softly and I looked around but no-one seemed to care too much. I observed the audience until Jessica Mauboy arrived with a big bang! The huge speakers vibrated as she sung songs from her albums, and I was pleasantly surprised when I recognised songs I'd heard. I was entranced as I listened to the lyrics, identifying with some of it. I admired her for being able to achieve so much, bringing her music around the world and obviously doing what she loves. Up there on stage, she represented a strong independent woman.

In true Brisbane style, the rain passed and the sun came out. I'm so thankful that I didn't miss out on this event. I felt rejuvenated and inspired to carry on.

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