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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Developing myself at the Inner Fire Chakra Course from Spirit Rising Yoga

Spirit Rising Inner Fire Chakra Course Poster

With nearly three years of weekly and bi-weekly yoga classes under my belt, I craved the peace and strength it brought my mind and body. Searching online showed me that Brisbane operated on a timetable of early morning classes or ones that were too early for me to rush back from work for. But I needed something. As I had come into contact with extra-sensory experiences most of my life, I had vowed to develop my spiritual self in the near future so when I found a Chakra Cleansing course at Spirit Rising Yoga, I decided to give it a go.

Each week, Brie walked the class through different Chakras which are energy centres existing at points in our nerve pathways. She taught us exercises to bring awareness to each area so we can see how the way we developed at such a primal level has affected the way we experience life and our sense of self. I enjoyed listening to these new concepts, which connected up to Buddhist philosophies on our lives on earth being just a small portion of our total existence - everyone is at a different stage of growth. I also had my first exposure to Kundalini Yoga which involved alot of chanting of mantras in Sanskrit and different gestures/movements to change the flow of energy in our bodies. We were invited to try strange new ways of breathing, including one called the "Breath of Fire", which involved panting like a dog! it tickled my sense of humour hugely but on looking around, I realised that everyone was concentrating on their own practice, so my own wall of consciousness came down. It is meant to release toxins from the lungs and act as a deep cleanse.

One of the most interesting concepts we touched on was that it takes more courage and strength to listen to your heart rather than your head. Society teaches us otherwise, but I myself have always believed in letting your heart lead - it's riskier and the chances for greater hurt exist but who are we without our passion? The head will work out how to help you achieve your goals and we are reminded to always practice Yoga for the emotional balance we need.

I'm glad I attended this course for the first four Chakras and look forward to the next course to run through the remaining three.

lovers embracing

Healing slowly, I have forgiven you for your fear... I understand that in the long run, I will have grown in strength and I can only accept the situation as it is and trust that it will all work out in the end. I send you love, light and joy.

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