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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Licking our Lips for Fresh Fish at Taste Gallery, Sunnybank

Photo of Crispy Sweet and Sour Fish

Perhaps it was my lack of knowledge in making seafood at home that my body sent out signals for prawns and fish! I was craving a steamed Barramundi or a Snapper cooked with piping hot oil, ginger and shallots in soy sauce. And where do we go for this in Brisbane? Sunnybank of course! I had never been but I was very excited to look around, especially as my experience of Asian food in Brisbane has only been so so. I walked up and down a row of restaurants with my friend, crossed the road and explored the restaurants on the other side of the road. I couldn't quite find what I had in mind but eventually, I decided to try the crispy fish with sweet and sour sauce at the Taste Gallery.

The restaurant was quite popular and we waited in the queue for some time. The waiters and waitresses seemed slightly confused with the waiting order and available tables. My friend informed me that this place is meant to be similar to Chef's Gallery in Sydney. A quick flick-through the menu showed me that the Brisbane menu seemed to offer some different dishes such as Chicken with bones and dry onions as well as Duck Pot with Chinese herbs but the range of vegetable options were dismal. Asians love their vegetables so this place may not attract many Asian diners.

The vegetables we ordered ("Gai Larn", known as Chinese Broccoli) in a ginger sauce tasted quite westernised, the sauce being quite thick. However, the fish was amazing. We were able to choose fresh fish for $7 more than the menu price which we did. I loved the crispiness of the skin and the taste of the sweet and sour sauce went well with the flesh. We enjoyed taking our time picking at the fish while exchanging interesting stories. With satisfied tastebuds, we agreed we would revisit.

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