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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Thursday night is Soul'sa Night at Cloudland!

photo of the impressive looking interiors within the Cloudland Bar

I'd always heard people say that the Salsa scene was big in Brisbane so when I was asked to accompany a friend to Cloudland, one of the "world's best bars", I was intrigued enough to go along. Every Thursday, the live music starts at 7pm and free Beginner classes from 8 to 9pm. The bar is certainly something special to look at, as are the many private booths upstairs. I find that most of the dancers here are there to show off, and seem to punch/kick anyone who might be sitting or standing around! In Sydney, the dancers are certainly more considerate, maybe because they are used to less space than Brisbanites! I noticed that most dancers were doing the Cuban style of Salsa and danced in normal shoes, as opposed to Sydney where most dance in Salsa shoes. I did get to dance with one guy but I had no idea what he was doing - some shuffling thing, haha! I think if I want to get at least a few decent dances at this place next time, the best way might be to join in from the free classes! 

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