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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Grumbles from Celebrations at Jade Buddha

photo Fish resting on Boy Choy and Mushrooms

Celebrating my friend's birthday, we dined in at Jade Buddha, along Eagle Street Wharf, near where George's Paragon is. Rave reviews existed online about this place so we tried an entree as well as a main. We had a new member of staff serve us so he wasn't very knowledgeable on the menu items but he was very patient and eager to please. Unfortunately, the food was not to our liking. Our tiny entree of four Peking Duck wraps consisted of skinny finger-length rolls of Duck in Hoisin sauce. The sauce was too sweet and covered any taste of the duck. Half an hour later with some chasing up, my order of a Grilled Fish came out very salty and my other two friends didn't enjoy their lamb curry, which was served in a large bowl with the rice sitting at the bottom of mountains of curry. That's the thing with curries - everyone likes different ratios so it's a big mistake for a restaurant to serve customers like we were at a casual dinner party! A complaint was made and the manager tried to rectify the situation with extra drinks or dessert but my friends were too full and disheartened with their half-eaten curry that we left for a long walk instead.

So surreal - being in your home without you here. The last time I was, you literally rolled me up in your sheets and cuddled me so tight. I wasn't going anywhere - I couldn't move :P I watched you fall asleep stroking my cheek. I wonder if you told brother(2) about us. Is he trying to look after me because you haven't?

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