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Sunday, 7 April 2013

To Fishy Adventures at SeaWorld!

A Tropical Fish swimming in the Aquarium

The last time I visited Sea World was in 2005 so I took the planned outing as a refresher course! Not a lot had changed from what I remember... We fed the stingrays at the touchpool, watched the Dolphin show (and was astounded by how amazingly well-trained and friendly they are), then visited the Aquariums and the Polar Bears before finding some lunch at Dockside Tavern. We watched Fish Detectives for some humour and the jetski stunt show was fun! I don't remember if I'd seen the Penguins in Antartica display before but it was freezing cold in there and I loved the replica background! We finished the day off avoiding the burger patties thrown at us during the Sponge Bob 3D film and having a play-around at the gift store.

I've cottoned on to how Queenslanders usually have a yearly pass to these theme parks but I'm not that big of a fan. I think once every few years is plenty. It's probably just about spending time together and I had a great day, enjoying the company of three others.

lovers embracing
Remember when you came down to see me in Sydney and we went to the Aquarium at Darling Harbour? :D You said a few months ago that you remembered it was raining that day :) ...I remember how your brother(3) asked me to go with you on your diving trip up at the Whitsundays and how all your diving buddies teased you for being crazy in love with me when they met me afterwards. We just blushed and laughed Xo.

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On the way up to O'Reilly's in the Hinterland, Gold Coast

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