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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Two Up and Sand Crab Fettucine for Anzac Day at the Redlands RSL

poster for the Anzac Day Event held at Redlands RSL

What better a thing to do on Anzac Day than go to an RSL for Two Up and some lunch?! On arrival at Redlands RSL, there were long lines of people queuing for the ATM! We wove our way through the festivities and found a large group of raucous boys placing bets of 10 and $20 on a game of Two Up down at the carpark. As the time went by, the crowd got drunker and drunker, larger and larger.

How the game works is simply that a nominated person places three coins on a wooden paddle that has the corresponding three grooves and when enough bets have been received, the person walks to the centre of the area and tosses the coins into the air. The coins will determine whether the call is Heads or Tails. You win double what you bet, from the person in the crowd you choose to bet with. From what I could see, people honour the bets so there's no need to worry about anyone cheating your money.

Needing a break from the sun and noise, we retreated to the Sails on Shore Restaurant inside. I was pleasantly impressed that the menu items were better than the bistro style that I had become accustomed to at most RSLs in Sydney. Unsure whether it was because I was famished or whether it was because the food was of good quality, I enjoyed the Sand Crab Fettucine (with avocado, garlic, pine nuts and lime) I ordered. Having never participated in Anzac Day Events before, it was an interesting experience!

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