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Thursday, 4 April 2013

On an Easter Getaway at the Royal Pines Resort

photo of Executive Room at Royal Pines Resort

The Royal Pines Resort is a very impressive place to stay at, set on a world-class golf course. We had an Executive room on level 18, overlooking numerous trees and beautiful lakes set throughout the lush green lawns. Squeals of delight and laughter came from the pool and spas below and we pondered when we should join them. There were those huge air bubbles that people could climb in, and roll across the water but I think I would prefer the delight of warm jets of water in the luxurious large shower in the room later. Perhaps it was because of the Easter holidays, but the stand introducing the restaurants didn’t have the menus on hand so we waited for a long time for the staff to find and print the current menus. With a seafood buffet at Kalinda, Italian food at Trattoria Amici, Japanese at Arakawa, Fine Dining at Videre, and food and drinks at Tee’s Clubhouse and a few other bars, we had more than enough options to explore. The lifts even featured contemporary leather seating, placed at the right height just to lean against, and delicious green apples in a glass bowl can be located near the lift entrances! We only got to try some of the items on the Trattoria menu which we ate in our room one night and we never got a chance to enjoy all the lovely places to lounge at. This is definitely a place I would love to come back to stay at again.

lovers embracing

State of confusion - I'm still trying to process it...Could I have gotten it all wrong? It just doesn't make sense. You brought up our past, You told me your plans for us and You were so nervous, waiting for hours just to hold my hand...

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