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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ideas Fiesta at the Howard Smith Wharves

artist impression of proposed development for Howard Smith Wharves

The Brisbane City Council is restoring the Howard Smith Wharves after it was abandoned sometime in the early 1960s. It was recorded that one of the buildings even partially collapsed into the Brisbane River! In 2009, proposals for the commercial development of the site were rejected by the community and amendments had to be made to initial plans to retain 80 per cent of the site as open public space! After the 2011 floods where the site was underwater, it was deemed that the site should be used as parklands.

One of the stages has now been complete and we were one of the first to walk on the new river deck on this Community open Day from 11am to 2pm. Food stalls were scattered along the boardwalk, aromas wafting through the air. A collection of designs drawn by the architects Arkhefield proposed different ways Brisbane City could be developed and asked for feedback from visitors to the wharves.

With the metal fences removed, different views of the bridge and city were revealed. I tucked into some fresh Seafood Paella and explored the area underneath the boardwalk, where wood and river met to provide more stunning photos.

I like how Brisbane City Council values the opinions of its residents and offers events that they can feel proud to be a part of like:
Visuals and Music at the Re-dedication of Brisbane City Hall;
Enjoying the Basics at the "Feet First" Invitation to Dance;and
Brisbane movie "Girl Clock".

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