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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Relaxing at the Manly Markets and Cafe La Mer

photo of Moroccan Lamb Salad

Driving into Manly, I emotionally embraced the cool sea air and picturesque scenery. So many boats lined side by side, water - a fresh blue. We went to look at the Manly Markets, situated along the seaside, mostly of arts and crafts but not as individual as the ones on display at the Twilight Markets. I bought a lovely fun and floaty floral skirt from these older Italian women...there was an air of lively tourist activities. Eventually, we left to have a long walk, a refreshing drink at the Royal Yatch Club and found a restaurant called Cafe La Mer. With tables surrounding a beautiful fig tree, encased in a clean, smooth, sandy-coloured paper bark, we were lucky to find a table that wasn't reserved and I enjoyed the views and my Moroccan Lamb Salad. The flavours of the lamb and yoghurt were very strong, unlike the fresh clean foods I like for brunch, and the subtle flavours in Asian food. 

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